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All Document Types need to be given a set of properties before an actual Document (e.g. Request Form) can be added to the database.

  1. Document Type Name - this is what the database stores the Document Type as (no spaces or hyphens)
  2. Display Name - What the end users see displayed on screen
  3. Sort Order - If you want the Document Type display screen to display in a specific order
  4. Page Size Mode - Either Fit to Image or Fit to Page
  5. Custom Fields - Each instance (actual Document) under this Document Type must have a specific list of Custom Fields associated with it.
    • NOTE: At least one of the Custom Fields MUST have a Default Display Field checked.
    • Change the Sort order of Custom Fields displayed.
  6. Document-Related Custom Field Properties
    • Click here for more on Document-Related Custom Field Properties.
  7. Change the Order of the Custom Fields (this will change the order in Users' search results as well).
  8. Group Permissions - Allow certain groups to have view, edit, and/or add capabilities.


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