Entity and Document Type Differences

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An Entity Type is a category. An Entity, strictly speaking, is an instance of a given Entity Type. The same is said for Document Types vs. Documents: One is the category, the other is an instance of that category.

An Entity may be defined as a thing which is recognized as being capable of an independent existence and which can be uniquely identified. An Entity is an abstraction from the complexities of a domain. When we speak of an Entity, we normally speak of some aspect of the real world which can be distinguished from other aspects of the real world.

A Relationship captures how Entities and/or Documents are related to one another. Relationships can be thought of as verbs, linking two or more nouns.

Examples: an owns relationship between a company and a computer; a supervises relationship between an employee and a department; a performs relationship between an artist and a song; a proved relationship between a mathematician and a theorem.”

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