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This is the FAQ Page!

Browser Issues

Internet Explorer

Symptom: Internet Explorer Displays Browser Not Supported


  1. Turn on Browser Compatibility Mode.
  2. In Internet Eplorer Click Tools then Compatibility Mode

Symptom: Internet Explorer displays a blank page after sites are loaded


  1. Click Start then Run and type cmd and press Enter.
  2. Type the following commands one at a time and press enter before proceeding to the next one
  • regsvr32 jsript.dll
  • regsvr32 vbscript.dll
  • regsvr32 oleaut32.dll

Symptom: Cannot access DOMA Login page


  1. Your browser might not be configured correctly. Please make the following changes in the Internet Explorer Browser: Select Tools -> Internet #Options -> Advanced Tab (Upper right hand corner) - Scroll down to the bottom and find the check box that says 'USE TLS 1.0'
  2. Place a check in the box and click OK. Refresh the web page to test connectivity.

Symptom: The client was unable to establish a secure connection with the server


  1. Please try signing in again. If the problem persists, please contact your system administrator.

Upload Manager

Error: ValidateImageFileError - timestamp


  1. Mange the local workstation's time. Check Time, Date (especially year), and Daylight Savings Time.
May pose an issue in other time zones, in particular if workstation is not set correctly.

Error: Error when uploading documents

The user receives an error window that states:
ValidateImageFileError: Microsoft.Web.Services3.ResponseProcessingException: WSE910:


  1. Changed the local workstation's time. Check Time, Date (especially year), and Daylight Savings Time.
May pose an issue in other time zones, in particular if workstation is not set correctly.

Error: An unhandeled exception has occured in your application


  1. Mange the local workstation's time. Check Time, Date (especially year), and Daylight Savings Time.
May pose an issue in other time zones, in particular if workstation is not set correctly. .

Error Messages

Error: System Out of Memory Exception

Upon opening Streaming Viewer, users reported that the following error occured while copying the encrypted file to cache:
"Exception: Exception of type System.OutOFMemoryException was thrown"


  1. Appears to be augmenting memory assigned to server app pool. Please Contact The Help Desk.

Scanning Errors

Error: Clear Cache Scan - Application cannot be started

Error message for v6.5 upon clicking Scan says "application ::cannot be started." Probably due to multiple versions of ::Scanning Component previously running. Clear cache in ::C:\Documents and Settings\%user\Local Settings\Apps\2.0.


  1. Clear cache in ::C:\Documents and Settings\%user\Local ::Settings\Apps\2.0. (or C:\Users\%user\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0)

DOMA not scanning documents when I select a PDF to SCAN into DOMA it will not populate to scan.


  1. Had the user select from the drop down list load document before current image instead of just selecting the load document function.

No Scanning Device Found


Selected the scanner from the available scanners under Twain Sources and then setup the scanner under scanner settings.


Deleted the scanning app folder and reinstalled.

The file exists


  1. Cleared out temporary files by the following script
open command prompt
Start -> Run -> CMD
del *.tmp

Index Errors

Error: Failure -2; index value too long

When attempting to Add or Update an index value the user receives the Failure -2 error


  1. Please Contact The Help Desk to have the index field length increased

User Errors

Error: I Cannot Add User Account

When attempting to add user into DOMA the user receives an error message: Error cannot add user account:


  1. Please contact the Help Desk the user already has an account that has been deleted and needs to be restored.

Error: I cannot delete a user.

When attempting to delete a user nothing happens


  1. The user that the system admin was attempting to delete was
one of the following not assigned to a group or currently ::logged into the system. the admin will have to contact the help
desk to have this issue resolved to keep this from happening
make sure the user is assigned to a group and to log the ::user out of the system by un-checking the active box in the ::users profile

Login Questions

Question: I would like to know how to get login access for an additional location
Answer: If your site is not restricted by IP address then give the user multi session access

Login Issues

Issue: System is saying that I am already logged in

The user closed the browser window without logging out of eDoma and their profile is set up for single session access Resolution

  1. The users has to logged off by a Admin or the Help Desk or their profile should be set to multi-session access

Folder Errors

Error: I have attempted on numerous occasions to delete folders


  1. Folders can only be deleted by a user who has folder delete privileges and the folder is empty and has no deleted documents
if the folder has deleted documents please contact the Help Desk to have the folder removed.

Printing Errors

Error: The customer is receiving the print setup box when trying to print from eDOMA.


Viewing a Document

Error: I cannot open my documents in DOMA

I cannot open my documents in doma as I am getting an error message that states the following:
atlasoft dotimage error:
selectomthumb: 0 is null or not an object
Exception: there are no thumbnails to select.


VA Users: Error when attempting to logon to Doma Site

Error: VA users encountered the following error message at login. Va error.PNG


This is a common issue that with VA systems. There was a Trusted Root Authority Certificate missing which was causing the
browser to not fully trust the PMR Vault application. This should be part of the Windows Root Certificate Updates that are
periodically pushed out from Microsoft. I’m not sure if those are disallowed by VA/DoD, but we see this issue often with
government customers.
The certificate can be installed by downloading from the link below. Once downloaded, you can double-click to install the
certificate. Make sure that you manually select the location for the certificate store (Trusted Root Certification
Authorities) as shown below:
VA Resolution.png

PMR Vault

Commonly Asked Questions about the PMR Vault can be found here.

Here are the specifics on the certificate if needed for your IT department:

• GoDaddy Class 2 Certification Authority Root Certificate - G2 • gdroot-g2.crt

• Certificate File Hash (sha1):76 0F BB 36 CF B5 5A 67 C7 1C AC 3D CF 0D 36 8E A9 F9 8E E7
• Certificate Thumbprint (sha1): 47 BE AB C9 22 EA E8 0E 78 78 34 62 A7 9F 45 C2 54 FD E6 8B
• Certificate File Hash (sha256): 50 03 29 AB AC 10 0A 95 3A 73 96 B5 4B 36 BE 57 D3 33 02 2F 17 40 1B C9 48 24 8E A1 79:CF 17 84
• Certificate Thumbprint (sha256):: 45 14 0B 32 47 EB 9C C8 C5 B4 F0 D7 B5 30 91 F7 32 92 08 9E 6E 5A 63 E2 74 9D D3 AC A9 19 8E DA