How do I view a document?

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Clicking on the Document Icon from your Search Results will open your Document in DIAL. DIAL (Document Imaging Application Lite) is an embedded application that allows quick viewing of your Document, minor Document manipulation, editing of Custom Fields, and the management of Relationships.


Document Properties/Entity Properties - There are five (5) main functions a User can perform in the right Properties Panel:

  • Set or change the Document/Entity Type
  • Populate or change the Custom Fields
  • Change the Folder location
  • Manage Relationships by creating a new Entity or search for an existing one.
  • Journal Directs a User to the Journal page to add notes.


DIAL (Document Imaging Application Lite) Tools Export Document - Clicking Export allow a user to save the document, in its native format, to a file location (outside of EKDB) of their choice.

  • NOTE: PDFs will only save as PDFs; TIFs will only save as TIFs. If you want to export a TIF to a PDF, use DIA (Document Imaging Application).*

DIA Export.png

Print Document - Clicking Print will bring up your Print dialog box to your local printer.

DIA Print.png

Zoom Tools - Five (5) tools that allow you to zoom to a desired level in the Page View area.


From left to right: Zoom Out, Zoom In, Full Size, Best Fit, and Fit to Page

Rotate Tools - The arrows on each side rotate 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise. The 180 tool flips the document over.

DIA Rotate.png

Next/Previous Pages - This tool allows you to go the next or previous page without having to click on the thumbnails. You can also move to the end or beginning of the document.

Nxt PrvPage.png

Next/Previous Entity or Document - This allows you to move to the next Entity or Document. You will only see these tools active when you are opening an Entity or Document from the Search Results screen.


Return to Search - Takes a user back the Search Results.


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