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There are more icons that show up on a Document than an Entity. Here is the complete list of icons and their use/function:

  1. View Entity – Launches the Entity in the DOMA Imaging App Lite (DIAL). IconViewEntity.png
    See more about using DIAL
  2. View Document – Launches the Document in the DOMA Imaging App Lite (DIAL). IconViewDoc.png
    • Your document will open in the main area of your application with limited tools and functions.
  3. Edit Fieldsavailable for Entities and Documents IconEdit.png
    • Opens the Custom Fields for editing.
  4. Journalavailable for Entities and Documents IconJournal.png
    • Journal notes provide the option to communicate information to other Users and customers. Each Journal note logs the time of entry, the User, and the message. Journal notes also have the option to be “locked” for read only.
    See more about adding Journal notes
  5. Check Out Documentavailable for Documents only IconCheckOut.png
    • Checking out allows the User to edit an Entity or Document in the DOMA Imaging App (DIA). Hovering over the Viewer icon will show which User has a Document checked-out.
    See more about using the DOMA Imaging App
  6. Manage Relationshipsavailable for Entities and Documents IconManageRelat.png
    • Clicking on this Icon will take you the Manage Relationship page.
    • You will be able to see and manage all the relationships that a particular Entity or Document has.
  7. Export Documentavailable for Documents only IconExport.png
    • Allows a User to export a Document in the same format that it is in the system (i.e. PDFs can only export as PDFs).
    NOTE: Based on unique customer requirements, back-end customization can be done (at additional costs) to convert file types to required formats.
    • In Internet Explorer you will be prompted at the bottom of your screen to Open, Save, or Save As.
    • In other Internet browsers, you will see button at the bottom of your screen that shows the download.
      • Clicking on the button will give you further options to Open, Show in Folder, etc.
  8. Deleteavailable for Entities and Documents IconDelete.png
    • Clicking this icon will delete the Document or Entity ENTIRELY from the system.
    Be cautions when deleting; an Entity or Document may have a Relationship with something else in the system
  9. Document Historyavailable for Documents only IconHistory.png
    • Displays the history of the Document. Earlier versions of the Document can be viewed. DOMA Technical Support can be contacted to restore earlier versions of a Document if needed.
  10. Print Documentavailable for Documents only IconPrint.png
    • You will be prompted with a Print Screen where you can choose typical printer options and Print.

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