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The Links on your home page can come in handy for accessing other sites that you use in conjunction with the DOMA portal. The main features of this page are:

  1. Add a Link by clicking the Add tab button next to the Filter tool.
  2. Find a Link by typing in the first few letters into the Filter box; then click the magnifying glassIconSearch.png
    • You can also use the Wild Card character: Asterix.png
    • Clicking the magnifying glass while the Find box is empty will bring the full list back again
  3. Edit a Link by clicking on the Pencil icon.EditPencil.png
  4. Delete a Link by clicking on the red "X" iconEditDelete.png
  5. Change the Order of the Link (this will change the order on the Home Page).

NOTE: You can Sort by Ascending or Descending order by clicking on the column heading.


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