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Workflows introduce the ability to build Tasks around Entities and Documents using rules and deadlines. Workflows allow Documents and Entities to pass through a traceable lifecycle. Pseudo Workflows can be created through Saved Searches; however, Workflows consist of a sequence of connected steps where each step follows without delay or gap and ends just before the subsequent step may begin.

Workflow Tasks can be Concurrent as well as Sequential. A Workflow can contain any combination of Concurrent and Sequential Tasks.

  • Concurrent Tasks – Multiple tasks happening at once.
  • Sequential Tasks – Dependent upon another task being completed.


From the Manage Workflow Page, a User can:

  1. Add a Workflow by clicking on the "Add" tab at the top of the list.
  2. Find an Workflow by typing in the first few letters into the Find box; then hit the magnifying glass IconSearch.png.
    • You can also use the Wild Card character: Asterix.png
    • Clicking the magnifying glass while the Find box is empty will bring the full list back again
  3. Edit a Workflow by clicking the pencil icon EditPencil.png
  4. Delete a Workflow by clicking the red "X" EditDelete.png next to its name. You will be prompted with a pop-up box to confirm the delete.
  5. The Active column indicates whether a Workflow is turned on or off.
    • Workflows are turned Active by clicking on the pencil icon and checking the Active box at the top of the Workflow screen.

NOTE: You can Sort by Ascending or Descending order by clicking on the column heading.

IMPORTANT: When a User/Group Task is created, the Group that the Task is assigned to will see a new Left Menu Display on their Home Screen.

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