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Here is a complete view of the Toolbar Icons when they are all turned on:


Toolbar Icon Descriptions

Print - Clicking Print will bring up your Print dialogue box to your local printer.
DIA Print.png
Export - Clicking Export will bring up a Save As dialogue box. Navigate to a location on your computer and save.
DIA Export.png
Upload/Scan - Two methods of loading a Document into the database.
  1. If you have a Document on your desktop or in a Folder somewhere on your computer, Upload is the option you want.
  2. If you have a hard copy of a Document and want to get it in the system, Scan is the option you want.

DIA Scan-Upload.png

Zoom Tools - First two icons here are Zoom In and Zoom Out. The next two are Best Fit and Fit to Width.
DIA ZoomLevels.png
Rotate - The arrows on each side rotate 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise. The 180 tool flips the Document over.
DIA Rotate.png
Page Corrections - Deskew orients the highlighted thumbnail image to a straight edge. Border Removal removes dark edges around the image. Despeckle decreases random dots on the image.
DIA PicCorrections.png
NOTE: Deskew, Border Removal, and Despeckle make minor changes and take several seconds to complete. Clicking these icons multiple times in rapid succession may cause the browser to freeze. Click once and wait for the image to adjust before repeating the action.
Next/Previous Pages - This tool allows you to go the the next or previous page without having to click on the thumbnails. You can also move to the end or beginning of the document.
DIA NextPrev-Page.png
Annotations - This is a drop-down function with tools that allow you to add or hide content on a page:
  • Pointer Mode selects a single annotation object on the viewer.
  • Selection Mode selects a group of annotations for moving or deleting.
  • Digital Signature adds a certificate to the document. See PDF Signing for more information.
  • The arrow icons (Callout and Single Line) place the arrow at the position of the mouse on the viewed page. Dragging without releasing the mouse button extends the line. The first icon also includes a callout box for adding text after the line is drawn.
  • Rubber Stamp will place one of the following options on the image: CONFIDENTIAL, DRAFT, FINAL, APPROVED, and DENIED.
  • Note and Text perform similar functions: enabling the user to add comments to the page. After creating the text area, right click the mouse to change the font. The font will change without highlighting previously entered text.
  • Ellipse, Rectangle, Redaction, and Highlighter icons redact (black out) the area selected by the user by dragging the mouse. In black and white mode, there is no difference between the outlined rectangle and the blackened rectangle. Both will hide selected portions of the image.

Next/Previous Entity or Document - This allows you to move to the next Entity or Document. You will only see these tools active when you are opening an Entity or Document from the Search Results screen.
DIA NextPrev-EntDoc.png

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