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User settings are important for telling the DOMA platform how to handle displays for Search Results and document viewing.

  1. Search Results
    • Results Per Page Sets how many records will be displayed on a search page, must be between 1 and 100.
    Example - a Saved Search pulls 150 results, but by limiting the "per page" amount to "15", only 15 will initially show with 10 more pages of results that the user can click on.
    • Sub Results Per Page Sets how many related documents will be showed, must be between 1 and 100.
  2. DIA & DIAL display and viewer
    • Enhanced Image Processing Uses new libraries to make DIA downloads faster but scanning will look different.
    • Display Thumbnails Allows users to opt out of the ability for DIA to display thumbnail pages for the current record in the left viewing pane.
    • Forms PDF Mode Allows the user to decide what DIA should do when PDF electronic forms are identified.
    • Viewer Mode Sets how the pages should be fit to the viewing pane.
    • Split Options These checkboxes are to make splitting large amounts of documents easier by letting the user set how the split should be set up which will persist across sessions.
    • Default Search on Login This setting allows the selected Saved Search to be the initial display when launching Standalone DIA.
  3. Home - Saved Searches and Tasks
    • Saved Search Counts Allows for saved searches on the left side of the Home page to show the total number of records in them.
    NOTE: If this option is enabled, load times for pages in DOMA will increase as those searches will all run to check their numbers.
  4. Journal - Allows users to default to showing full or partial message in journal previews.

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