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The main body of the Admin page displays User Data and Group Data. Site Administrators get a quick snapshot of how many Users have access to the site, how many locked Users there are, and the current number of Groups within the site along with the number of users in each group.

It is vital that a Site Administrator fully understands the importance of each component on the Admin page. Careful attention is particularly important when setting up first time Users, Groups, Group Saved Searches, and Alerts. For example, Users cannot be created before Groups and Group creation is an essential security component.

Left Navigation

The Administration page's Left Navigation Menu consists of three sections:

  1. Administration Home
    • Clicking on this will bring you back to the Admin Home page from anywhere in the Admin Main Navigation.
  2. Security
    • Users - This page displays all the Users of the site. Site Administrators are able to Find, Edit, Add, or Delete user profiles.
    See more about Users
    • Groups - Groups are given specific permissions to access certain parts of the site.
    See more about Groups
  3. Site Management
    • Group Saved Searches - Creating a Group Saved Search is accomplished by performing an Advanced Search and saving it.
    See more about Group Saved Searches
    • Alerts - Alerts are created by Site Administrators and are based on Audit Reports.
    See more about Alerts. Learn more about Managing Audit Reports

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