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The DOMA Imaging Application (DIA) features all of the functionality offered in DIAL, while adding scanning and editing capability for image manipulation. There are two (2) ways to launch DIA:

  1. Checking out a document by clicking IconCheckOut.png from the Search Results.
  2. Selecting “Doma Imaging App” under Tools on the Home page.
    a. This method is for users to work from square-one; namely scanning a new document to the system.
    b. Most of the tools will be grayed out. You will need to Upload or Scan a document before you can proceed to use DIA to its fullest potential.

It's important to note the Relationship hierarchy of documents and entities in DIA. This will display as tabs in the upper left hand corner, above the Page View and Thumbnails.

  • The top tab is the Entity - if there is no relationship, it will display "<None>"
  • The lower tab is the Document

Under Getting Started with DIA, the Properties Panel section describes ways to manage Relationships.

Read more about Getting Started with DIA

Read more about DIA Lite (DIAL)

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