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Navigating the Home Page

After logging into the DOMA site, all users are immediately launched to the Home Page. Based upon the individual user log-in, access and functionality within the site will vary. The Home Page is divided into 3 sections to organize information more efficiently:

  1. In the header area is the Main Navigation menu with four (4) functional areas. Each Main Navigation menu item will bring up its own unique Left Navigation Menu.
  2. The Left Navigation Menu is a collapsible panel that encompasses the majority of tools and links that you will use.
  3. The body of the Home Page contains the Site Message and customized Dashboard widgets. The Site Message and Dashboard widgets appear when you first log into the portal. These can be customized from the Configuration page and selecting either Site Message or Dashboard from the Left Navigation Menu.


Main Navigation

The Main Navigation has four (4) menu options. Each menu brings up its own Left Navigation Menu.

  1. Home - Access Dashboards and Saved Searches
  2. Administration - Manage Users and Groups
    Learn more about site Administration
  3. Site Configuration - Manage Custom Fields, Entity and Document Types, Dashboards, and more...
    Learn more about Site Configuration
  4. Reports - Manage Custom and Audit Reports
    Learn about site Reports

On the right hand side of the header are other quick tools:

  1. Basic Search - Quick search off of a Primary Custom Field
    Learn more about Basic Search
  2. Advanced Search - Refine search results by using multiple Custom Fields in conditions and criteria
    Learn more about Advanced Search
  3. User Preferences - Change your Password, Saved Searches, and more...
    Learn more about User Preferences
  4. Help - launches this Wiki Help
  5. Log Out

Site Message and Dashboard

Your Administrator is the only one with permissions to post messages under Site Message. Be sure to watch for new notifications.

See more about creating a Site Messages.

The Dashboard is a quick snapshot of one or more of your Saved Searches.

See more about creating a Dashboard widget.

Left Navigation Menu


  • Advanced Search allows you to search by Custom Fields of an Entity or Document and specifying Search Criteria.
See more about performing an Advanced Search.
  • Add allows you to add an Entity or Document into the system.
This menu item is a hot button which brings you to a Search Results screen.
See more about Adding an Entity or Document.


  • The DOMA Imaging App (DIA) is a separate application that launches in a new window. This robust application is used to modify documents and indexes.
See more about using DIA.
Also, read more about DIA Lite (DIAL);


  • Workflow Tasks are created by a Site Administrator and appear on the Home page of the designated Group.
See more about navigating Workflow Tasks

Saved Searches

  • Saved Searches show searches that have been saved by you, the User; as well as Group Saved Searches, set up and "pushed-out" by an Administrator.
  • These dynamic Saved Searches allow rapid access to record sets for efficient workflow.
  • Clicking on a link presents a current search list matching the saved criteria.
  • E-mail alerts can be created to notify a user of a change of status in the Saved Searches.
See more about viewing and using Saved Searches.


The Links on your home page can come in handy for accessing other sites that you use in conjunction with the DOMA portal. To add links go to Config on the Main Navigation Menu then select Links from the Left Navigation Menu. This can also be done under User Preferences then clicking Links on the Left Navigation Menu.

See more about viewing and using Links.

Contact DOMA Help Desk

If you need assistance, please submit a help desk ticket by emailing us at support@domaonline.com

In your message, please put the:

  • Subject of your issue
  • Detailed explanation of the problem

On the Home Page of some sites under "Links" section, there will be a link to quickly access DOMA support.