How do I add an entity?

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If you have the correct permissions, an entity can be added through the configuration menu.


Go to Entity Types in the left panel.

Click Add

After you click add, there is certain information you need to set for your entity type.

1. Entity Type Name - Select a unique name to give your entity.

2. Display Name - This is the name that will be displayed to users.

3. Sort Order - Keep this field at 0. You can change the sort order on the Entity Types page.

4. Custom Fields - You have two options when adding a custom field to an entity.

..... Add New - Create a new custom field.

..... Add Existing - Choose a custom field that has already been created.

5. Groups Permissions - Select the groups have permissions to 'View','Edit', or 'Add' the entity.


Once you are finished with adding information for your entity, you have three options.

1. New Entity Type - Select if you need to add a new entity.

2. Finish - Select if you are finished adding entities.

3. Cancel - Select if you do not want to add the entity.


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